IFRA Standards –
50th Amendment

dataEssence provides a complete solution to fully manage the IFRA 50th Amendment to develop compliant products, based on the specific applications the fragrance needs to work in.

Who is IFRA?

The International Fragrance Association (IFRA), which represents the interests of the fragrance industry and promotes the safe use of fragrances in consumer products, sets a self-regulatory system used by almost 90% of the global fragrance industry. The rules for safe use include the application of IFRA Standards for several fragrance ingredients by either prohibition, concentration restrictions and/or restriction of fragrance materials depending on the product or other conditions on the type of materials (specifications).

What’s new with the 50th Amendment?

The 50th Amendment includes:

  • Prohibition standard for the use of substance mintlactone (CAS 13341-72-5) as a fragrance ingredient
  • The Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for handling Amendments to the IFRA Code of Practice – 50th Amendment
  • An updated Index of IFRA Standards that includes the Mintlactone Prohibition Standard according to the 50th Amendment

This amendment comes in addition to previous Amendments to the IFRA Code of Practice. Consequently, all elements of the 49th Amendment – dated January 10, 2020 – addressing other fragrance materials, remain unchanged and in place.

IFRA 50th Amendment implementation

Notification of the 50th amendment to the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) Standards was released on June 30, 2021.

The implementation dates for the 50th amendment is given as follow:

  • Two months after the date of notification letter for new creations – i.e., August 30, 2021.
  • 13 months after the date of notification letter for existing creations – i.e., July 30, 2022.

An existing creation is a compound currently sold or already the subject of evaluation for performance in a defined consumer product.

A new creation is defined as any fragrance mixture for which the brief has been issued after the completion of the information exchange across the supply chain period (i.e., update of IT systems, bilateral information exchange between fragrance houses).

It should be noted that the above implementation dates refer only to the supply of fragrance mixtures and not to the finished products.

Managing IFRA Standards with dataEssence

dataEssence provides a complete solution to ease the implementation of the 50th amendment. IFRA Standards can be fully managed as all applicable data from the IFRA Standards to help determine the appropriate product categories are incorporated. The complex rules for IFRA limits for ingredients and formulations can easily be calculated and certificates will automatically be generated so you can be confident you develop IFRA compliant fragrances, based on the specific applications the fragrance needs to work in.

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